Preparing to move?

Things to Remember...

Once your real estate transaction is getting close to completion, it’s time to get ready to move into your new space.
Some tips:

You might be able to find free or low cost packing supplies.  Many people sell or donate used boxes on

signing-a-contract.jpgDon’t commit to a mover, or to days off from work, until your Realtor and lender have indicated that the sale has passed the most crucial “tests”.  Make sure the appraisal has already been completed and accepted, the buyer’s loan paperwork has been reviewed by underwriting and the buyers funds to close have been verified, and that any repair negotiations have already been agreed upon.  Until these tasks are accomplished, the offer is not yet “solid”.  Even after these steps have been completed, an offer can still fall through.  See  “How Sales Can Fail Late in the Game”.


Figure out the best days for your move.  Consider the impact of holidays, game days, fairs or other celebrations, etc.  These days may impact your move with unusual traffic, or a large amount of people parking on the street near your home.  Banks and government offices may not be open on holidays, so consider if you’ll need last minute bank or post office service.

Consider using professional services for your move.  Many people move their goods themselves to save money and guarantee a certain level of care of their personal goods.  I have moved myself, too; however, a lot of people injure themselves while moving!   Plus, your time (and physical health!) might be better spent being an organizer, rather than a mover.

Don’t forget pets and kids!  Remember to schedule a sitter for your move.

Check with your tax preparer to see if your moving expenses are tax deductible.  This may help you decide between using professional services, or not.